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Contact Center Service

Contact Center Service

Inbound / Outbound Call Handling 

DOS 1 builds competent and professional teams in handling incoming and outgoing calls. A dedicated team is focused on a specific project to ensure excellent service. 


A friendly disposition, a good-natured character, and a positive outlook help agents achieve collection targets for clients. Our teams collect the clients’ receivables promptly obtaining them their revenues while improving their cash flow. 

Customer Service 

Our personnel undergo regular skills enhancement training sessions on the following: 

  • Product Knowledge 

  • Client Relations 

  • Technical Support Capabilities 

  • Service Improvement Procedures 

  • Client Endearment Techniques 

We guarantee that our clients are projected as warm, professional, accessible, and reliable business partners. 


DOS1 provides effective Tele-Marketing strategies guaranteed to provide accurate and useful information on our client’s products or services. The dynamism and adaptability of our personnel in various types of work requirements provide our clients expanded sales opportunities and additional revenues.

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