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Unexpected visit from our Telecommunications Partner at DOS1!

Posted by dos1 in News, on December 19, 2023

Unexpected visit from our Telecommunications Partner at DOS1!

This morning unfolded into an unexpected celebration of appreciation and unity as DOS1’s esteemed Telco partner, led by the Director for Credit and Collections, Ms. Mimi Celerio, arrived at our doorstep. Alongside her were Manager Geneve Manuel, Vendor Manager Ms. Mayee Soyosa, Officers Ms. Charlotte Exconde, and Ms. Cheryl Pascual, and the SG group's Ms. Lilibeth Aricaya and Mr. James Bermas.

Their arrival was already a significant surprise, but little did we anticipate the cascade of joyous moments they had in store for us. As they entered, the room buzzed with excitement, each member carrying the promise of something special.

With hearts open wide, they showered our agents with tokens of appreciation, delightful gifts, generous cash prizes, and a spread of food treats that tantalized the senses. Laughter and gratitude filled the air, painting the morning in vibrant hues of happiness.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. In a twist that elevated the joyous atmosphere to new heights, our very own agents from the collections project took the stage, captivating everyone with a spirited dance presentation. Their dedication and talent radiated through every move, casting a spell of awe and admiration upon the room.

Amidst the jubilant exchanges and shared moments, our President, Mr. Edgardo Cayton, graced the event with his presence, adding an aura of significance and unity to the celebration. His arrival not only magnified the joy but also underscored the value and appreciation for the partnership with the telecommunications partner.

The morning unfolded into a tapestry of heartfelt connections, shared appreciation, and a testament to the power of unexpected gestures. It was a symphony of gratitude orchestrated by our partner and our President’s presence that resonated deeply within our hearts, reminding us of the strength found in unity and the beauty of genuine appreciation.

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