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Message from the President

Posted by dos1 in News, on January 11, 2024

Message from the President

My dear Dynamos,

As we approach the end of this year, I would like to express, on behalf of our Chairman Bert Lina, my deep appreciation and gratitude for your continuing confidence in our capabilities to meet new and exciting challenges in the past 2023.

Yes, it was, what I consider a “blockbuster” year for our Company owing to the fact that we managed to meet the challenges that ultra-large-client-organizations expected. They also anticipate exceptional services from us in the coming year.

For these achievements, it is you individually, your officers and team leaders we extend our congratulations to.

Without your excellent performance, we could have remained stagnant and stayed in the doldrums of the industry.

But being ambitious and unrelenting challengers, dreamers and dream-makers, visionaries and innovators that we imbue and inculcate in our people’s character as never-say-die workers, we have exceeded their expectations…even that of our own.

We were extra generous with our workforce in the Christmas Season this year. I was truly happy that everyone felt more joy, confident and excited with the surprises and events.

Again, we provide the extras whenever it is possible.

Thank you for all warm messages of gratitude that many of you sent me in the past few weeks. Your joy is also my joy.

But the best is yet to come as we have lined up new challenges that many of you will necessarily have to confront, as teams or as individuals.

Our mission is to grow

and expand even more in the growing universe of automation and Artificial Intelligence. Our systems and data protection policies must be updated and continuously improved.

Our reinforced workforce management program will encoursge each one of us to excel in producing better and more numerous achievements.

No one will be left doing little or nothing on a daily basis.

Yes, we will and must pursue, innovate, create, and work smarter in our fields of expertise (which is a lot) and create new opportunities for the upskilling of our workforce.

Reorganizations, manpower rationalization and realignments in the work focus of our company’s manpower will be a necessity in order to

remain in the arena of competition of BPO giants.

Much is in store…much more initiative, much more rewards and benefits await the performers on a quarterly basis. The team leaders have been briefed about this.

Review/monitoring of performance will be done more closely, the gathering of current and new clients in the field of digitalization and educational/institutional partnerships will be the new phase and market niche to overcome and own. We can even become AI creators ourselves.

Deep inside I urge you all to claim the victory of achieving new clients, better returns and new benefits for all to enjoy.

Let me end with once again thanking you for your loyalty to our company and the

trust and respect you have shown towards its leadership.

With your fervent prayers and mine, in unison we say, “2024…DOS1 Grow More!!”

Happy New Year to you and your families!! God bless us all.

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