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Dynamic Outsource Solutions, Inc. Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Posted by dos1 in News, on June 11, 2024

Dynamic Outsource Solutions, Inc. Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Dynamic Outsource Solutions, Inc. (DOS1) celebrated its 21st anniversary at its Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) office. The event began with a solemn blessing ceremony, emphasizing the company’s dedication to both spiritual and professional growth, followed by a simple spread for guests and employees. The highlight of the event was a message from DOS1 President, Mr. Gary Cayton, who recognized the employees’ contributions to the company’s success

The inspiring message from the President of DOS1 -

I wish to congratulate you Dynamos for having built an organization based on integrity, trust, competence, and excellent abilities to have weathered 21 years of above-standard levels of excellence and in so doing achieving record performance that can compare to other larger and more robust organizations in the Business Process Management Industry.

We developed on our own and with the unfailing support and encouragement of our Chairman, Bert Lina, we acquired the confidence to think beyond the box, to believe that we can be better, grow further, and even attain accolades based on our achievements. Most of you know that many years ago we thought we could never reach our present status. But persistence and determination do matter most in times of doubt. Today, perhaps because of our ambition, self-confidence, nothing-to-lose attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile, here we are looking back at 21 awesome years of existence and standing with the "big guns" in the arena of business process outsourcing operations.

In fact, we have become such a threat to many larger and more "wealthy" BPOs that they tend to look around in a bidding room if we are participating in a particular bidding activity. It is as if we are the company to watch out for. Yes, we may not have won them all, but without question, we won most of the bids we joined. Remember however that winning is only the first step. The real challenge is whether our organization can sustain the standards of performance and maintain or surpass the levels of competence that a client expects from us.

Today, you and I can confidently declare, that our clients are more than satisfied...some of them are even so happy that they count on us to be there for two or three times beyond the timeline of a given project. You all have reason to be proud and thankful for the graces, the opportunities, and the challenges we have all faced together all these years...and let me admit to you all, that it has been my personal source of pride, confidence, and privilege to have led you and worked with you all this time.

Congratulations, Dynamos! There is more opportunity out there. The possibilities in this type of industry are endless. Let us all aim even higher. Technology is giving us all in this industry more revolutionary approaches to customer experience and related service channels. Let us continue to imagine, visualize, "dream", actualize and perform. This industry you belong to has only one limitation...our imagination and creativity...and our positive outlook and willingness to explore and take calculated risks. The business process management industry is built on creativity...DOS1 will continue to grow if innovation, creativity, and timely action remain the very foundations of our daily thoughts. Stay the course and we will achieve even more. Believe!

Congratulations, once again and thank the Good Lord for all our blessings.”

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