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DOSUnOlympics 2024: A Celebration of Unity and Team Spirit

Posted by dos1 in News, on March 12, 2024

DOSUnOlympics 2024: A Celebration of Unity and Team Spirit

The much-anticipated 3rd DOSUnOlympics concluded last March 10, 2024, with a burst of energy, camaraderie, and sporting prowess as employees from all projects and departments gathered to participate in various events. The event, held at the Marina Bay Homes in Parañaque City, was graced by the Chairman, Mr. Alberto D. Lina, accompanied by his wife, Ms. Sylvia P. Lina, and the dynamic company President, Mr. Gary H. Cayton.

The activity started with an inspiring opening ceremony where the Chairman and President shared words of encouragement and motivation. They highlighted the importance of teamwork, dedication, and unity in achieving the company’s goals. The presence of the leadership team served as a source of inspiration for all participants.

DOS1 went over and above to ensure that the event was not only about competition but also a celebration of togetherness. A variety of food options, including meals, ice cream, and street foods, were provided to all attendees including family members, creating an atmosphere of festivity and enjoyment.

The DOSUnOlympics showcased a wide array of talents through different events. The “Best Muse” competition saw participants showcasing their creativity and charisma, adding a touch of glamour to the festivities. The Cheer dance competition brought a burst of energy and vibrant performances, with teams representing different projects captivating the audience with their spirited routines.

For sports enthusiasts, the exhibition basketball and volleyball games provided thrilling moments of athleticism and sportsmanship. Employees and team heads from various departments showcased their skills, promoting a healthy sense of competition and unity among the DOS1 family.

The highlight of the event was the official basketball game, where teams battled it out on the court in a display of teamwork, strategy, and determination. The competitive spirit was intense, and the game served as a testament to the dedication and passion of DOS1 employees.

The enthusiasm generated from this sports activity is just the beginning. DOSUNOLYMPICS 2024 is set to span two months, featuring a variety of games at different venues. Employees will also be involved in badminton, bowling, table tennis, darts, and board games, including chess.

With the DOSUnOlympics 2024 now in full swing, DOS1 eagerly anticipates a season filled with memorable moments, friendly competitions, and a shared commitment to embracing the power of unity through sports.

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